Blame it on the Brontes -- Becky Lower

Blame It On The Brontës

Three unruly sisters, Charlotte, Emily and Anne, reunite in their hometown of Puffin Bay, ME for their mother’s funeral. The sisters haven’t had much to do with each other for almost twenty years, relying on their mother to keep them informed about each other. As a condition of her will, each sister has to move back to the family home for one year and live under the same roof again. Only if they comply can they share in the considerable bounty of the estate. They bring emotional as well as physical baggage as they return to the town where they grew up, and to the men of Puffin Bay.

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All three sisters are unique and yet they all want a second chance at love. How can you not want to know their story? I know I had to.
Amy J

It has been awhile since I have read a book that is steeped in reconciliation and second chances. This book was beautifully written and I love the interaction between the sisters.
Romance Bookworm

Blame it on the Brontes was the perfect book to take on my recent beach trip.
Linda A. Smith


Charlotte brought her binoculars up, searching the ocean for the only boat on the water that mattered to her. Nothing yet, but soon, The Brontë, and Gray would be on their way home, and coming to her. She didn’t need visual proof that he was coming into shore. She knew. Her skin got goosebumps, which had nothing to do with the breeze coming in from the water.

Charlotte’s heart constricted with a twinge of loneliness. The keen sense of loss was something Gray certainly would understand. For the first time in her life, her mother would not inhabit the house with her, tidying the comfortable rooms, taking care of everyone and making them feel at home. Her mother was gone forever. She needed Gray to help take away the feeling that she was all alone. She needed Gray, plain and simple.

For the next several days she would fulfill the role of hostess to her two sisters, who were returning home for the somber event of laying their mother to rest. As the eldest, Charlotte accepted the mantle that fell on her shoulders, although she was not looking forward to it. Their mother had been the one to keep the lines of communication open between the three of them, and Charlotte now wondered what would happen to them. Certainly, she had no plans to talk to her sisters, beyond what was necessary this week.